1st Annual Brookline SEPAC Hero Awards!

Congratulations to the 2018 Brookline SEPAC Hero Award recipients! This award is a recognition of teachers and staff who have gone above and beyond in support of students and families of Brookline. We will be holding a celebration breakfast just before start of school next fall to honor these heroes, stay tuned for more information.

Here is the list of this year’s heroes.
BEEP – Holly Pollgreen, Merrill Forman, Sheila Huxley, Jo-Ann Faulk, 
Emily Filippone, Kwenku Donkor
BAKER – Heather Otero
BROOKLINE HIGH SCHOOL – Andy Kelly, Carol Davidson, Jason Montrose
COOLIDGE CORNER – Charles Lower, Ann Donnay, Emma Madden,
Kristine Jackson
DISCOLL – Sunshine Anders, Rick Cass, Emily Mackie
DISTRICT– Seph Bartholomew
HEATH – Jennifer Jaruse, Angelica Bianco
LAWRENCE – Erica Paull, Kara Kuntz, Usha Arthur
LINCOLN – Audra Fancisco
RUNKLE– Allison Sokoloff, Kimberly Munroe

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