About us

This is the Brookline Public Schools Special Education Parent Advisory Council, Brookline SEPAC.

We are an all-volunteer organization of parents/guardians of children with disabilities in the preschool, elementary school, high school, and in out-of-district schools (via Brookline placements) who meet to learn more about special education in Brookline. We sponsor workshops, informational meetings, discussion groups, legislative lobbying efforts and a variety of other activities to help improve our children’s education.

SEPAC meets monthly with the Brookline Special Education Administration staff. These meetings present a good opportunity for parents/guardians who have a child provided with special education (i.e. on an IEP) to be represented on a regular basis. The meetings include discussing special educational issues, disseminating information on upcoming special educational initiatives, as well as other discussions. These meetings are open to all Brookline parents/guardians (or their representatives) and Town of Brookline representatives (school educators, administrators, School Committee members, …).

Meeting notices along with other communications are sent via email for those parents who register. You may register for these emails on the right. This website also provides information regarding SEPAC’s activities along with information relating to special education.

Who belongs to the Brookline SEPAC? Parents/guardians just like you. Even though your child is like no other, there are hundreds of parents in Brookline who participate with the Brookline special education process in much the same way that you may participate. We are always learning from each other.

What we do
Support: Build a community of parents of children with disabilities to share information and provide support.

Information: Provide information about disabilities, parenting and teaching strategies for children with disabilities, and the laws and regulations governing special education.

Advocacy: Work with legislators, the School Committee, and school administrators to improve educational opportunities, programs and services for children with disabilities.