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Co-chairs of SEPAC …

Linda Monach
Craig Haller

Brookline Public Schools Central Administration

Director of SpEd for BEEP, Baker, Devotion,
Nadene Moll
Director of SpEd for Driscoll, Heath, Lincoln, Lawrence, and Pierce,
Emily Frank

Casey Ngo-Miller
Interim Deputy Superintendent for Student Services
(617) 730-2447

Nicole Gittens
Deputy Superintendent for Teaching and Learning
(617) 730-2432

Brookline High School

115 Greenough Street
Brookline, MA  02446

Anthony Meyer, Interim Headmaster

Director of Special Education: email: Wendy Ryder phone: 617-713-5076
Coordinator of Special Education: email: phone: 617-713-5077

Team Facilitators (ETFs):
Laura Albert
Linda Andrews
Jennifer Linera

Parent Liaisons emails: Elizabeth Myska

Baker School

205 Beverly Road
Chestnut Hill, MA  02467

Mary Brown, Principal

Special Ed Team Facilitator (ETF): Patricia English Sand; phone – (617) 879-4504
Parent Liaison email: Annemarie Pavillionis

Devotion School

345 Harvard Street
Brookline, MA 02446

Jennifer Buller, Principal
Special Ed Team Facilitator (ETF): Kathryn Coleman Gallahue
Parent Liaisons emails: Philip Ruedi (K-5), Senofer Mendoza (K-5)

Monica Crowley, Principal
Special Ed Team Facilitator (ETF): Cecile Budelmann
Parent Liaison(s) email:

Driscoll School

64 Westbourne Terrace
Brookline, MA  02446

Suzie Talukadar, Interim Principal

Special Ed Team Facilitator (ETF): Kristen Beaupre
Parent Liaisons emails: Amanda Sullivan-Kramer

Heath School

100 Eliot Street
Brookline, MA 02130

Asa Sevelius, Principal

Special Ed Team Facilitator (ETF): Jed Miller – (617) 879-4567
Parent Liaison email: Mei-An Tsu

Lawrence School

27 Francis Street
Brookline, MA 02446

Allyson Hart, Principal

Special Ed Team Facilitator (ETF): Erica Paul
Inclusion Facilitator: Jessica Dubrow
Parent Liaison email:
Makeeba McCreary

Lincoln School

29 Kennard Road
Brookline, MA 02445

Brian Denitzio, Principal

Special Ed Team Facilitator (ETF): Mary Kay Deiss – (617) 879-4612
Inclusion Facilitator: Lauren Trimble
Parent Liaisons emails:
Shana Penna, Mariela Koenig

Early Education (BEEP)

Team Facilitator, Intake: Betsy Preston – (617) 713-5473
Team Facilitator: Lisa Lamont Harris – (617) 264-6406
Team Facilitator: Riva Rosenberg

Parent Liaison email: Faith Dantowitz (BEEP-Putterham)
Parent Liaison email: Senofer Mendoza (BEEP-Obi Shalom)
Parent Liaisons emails: Kelly Quaye and Nicole Rickart (BEEP-Lynch)

Pierce School

50 School Street
Brookline, MA 02445

Lesley Ryan-Miller, Interim Principal

Special Ed Team Facilitator (ETF): Kerrilyn McCarthy
Inclusion Facilitator: Kelly Slattery

Parent Liaison(s) email:

Runkle School

50 Druce Street
Brookline, MA  02445

Genteen Jean-Michel, Principal

Special Ed Team Facilitator (ETF): Michio Hatori
Inclusion Facilitator: Bridget Baird-Francescone
Parent Liaison email:
Alessandra Di Credico

Out of District

Coordinator of Out of District Programs
email: Greg Beaupre phone: (617) 730-2450

Parent Liason email: Lisa Scher

Massachusetts Association of 766 Approved Private Schools maaps is a non-profit association of approved private schools dedicated to providing educational programs and services to students with special needs throughout New England.


email: Lynisha Samuel   phone:

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