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Brookline Quality Unique Enrichment for Special Needs Teens (QUEST)
Brookline QUEST supports traditional and innovative recreational, leisure and cultural activities for Brookline teens with special needs. Visit their website to learn about their extensive schedule of activities.

Coalition of Brookline Autism Parents (COBAP) is a group of Brookline parents who meet bi-monthly to discuss issues related to helping their children diagnosed with PDD-NOS, Asperger’s or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Membership is open to any person who is the parent or guardian of a child who lives in Brookline and has an autism spectrum disorder, or who lives elsewhere but attends school in Brookline and has an autism spectrum disorder.
To join COBAP or for more information, please contact Beth Kaufman or Pam Palmucci. Brookline ASD parents are encouraged to join the COBAP Yahoo group entering COBAP in the box that says Find a Group.

Disability Policy Consortium (DPC) is an organization of volunteer disability rights activists who share a common goal of equal opportunity for all individuals with disabilities. The DPC mission is to promote inclusion, independence, and empowerment by guiding statewide development of policies that ensure that programs and services enable people with disabilities to participate in the political, economic, and social mainstream of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. DPC is the only non-profit, statewide, cross-disability organization that actively engages the lawmakers and policy-makers in the Massachusetts government to fight for people with disabilities. Membership is free; sign up to receive notices and action alerts.

Friendship Circle is a Jewish organization that provides programming for children with special needs. FC partners with teenagers and college students for weekly visits with children as well as special monthly events. In addition, the organization provides a special bi-monthly program for teenagers and young adults at Harvard University. For more information visit their website or call 617.378.5765.