Support our teachers!

Support our Brookline Teachers and Paraprofessionals – Teachers/Paras are working without “current” contract. – Important School Committee Meeting, Thursday, February 4, 2016 6:00p.m.-9:30p.m. Town Hall, 5th floor

Educators are reaching out to ask for parent/guardian support. Teachers come to work each day wanting to do the best for all our children. Please help them secure contract language that reflects our community’s commitment to training, retaining and respecting our schools’ greatest assets – the educators – and ensuring that our schools serve the needs of all learners.

*Guarantee every educator the time to prepare to teach every day
*Limit caseloads and number of students per educator
*Fair and competitive compensation for all

Don’t let our best resources… our teachers, specialists and other staff who do excellent work with all our children leave Brookline for other districts that provide better support and resources.
Join Thursday’s School Committee Meeting and/or email our School Committee Members with a message of support for our children’s educators.

Susan Wolf Ditkoff  – Chairman

Barbara Scotto – Vice Chairman

P.H. Benjamin Chang – Member and SEPAC School Committee Liaison 2015-2016

Helen Charlupski – Member

Michael Glover – Member

Lisa Jackson – Member

David Pollak – Member

Rebecca Stone – Member

Beth Jackson Stram – Member

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