“There is no bullying in my Brookline school.”

Yes, a principal actually said that.

Bullying is all too pervasive in our schools, even in Brookline, but also across the country. It takes many forms, and there are legal definitions involved, you can read about those here.

It is vital to say something. Bullying does not stop on its own. It may be physical harassment, it may be teasing, it may be gender based, religion, disability or race based, and more. One instance does not constitute bullying, it must happen several times. It does not need to be the same action, but it is the same aggressor.

You MUST properly report bullying for it to stop. You MUST protect your child from bullying.

Does it happen in your school? Does your child tolerate it? Are you afraid to report it?

Let us know in the comments. Do not name someone who you believes is an aggressor, but you can tell us what the school is doing about it, or why you do or do not report it. And you can stay anonymous. Have you reported it?

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